Invisalign in Nigeria

Braces or Invisalign in Nigeria: Where do I get the best?

Some of us feel uncomfortable with the alignment of our teeth and it’s difficult to give a full smile because of this. 

But every day, there’s always a reason to smile at people one way or the other – leading to showing off your hidden dentition.

And here’s the recent one…

Most Nigerians are becoming more aware of how to showcase their teeth as a form of attractive display.

So if you are a resident of Lagos or a visitor to Nigeria and you want to do proper teeth positioning, such as Braces or Invisalign in Nigeria – I’ll show you where in a moment, but first – let’s look into what to consider before going for either of these two Orthodontic treatments.

What is Invisalign (Clear Aligners)?

Invisalign is a special way of straightening your teeth with nearly invisible and removable aligners that are custom-made to suit your teeth.

We also know them as Clear Aligners.

Now, these are made of thermoplastics that do not contain industrial chemicals. So it makes them safe for use.

The best part? These Clear Aligners are barely noticeable, so most folks won’t know you are using one.

And unlike braces, they have no metal brackets that could break.

So, you can also take them off easily before you eat or take a drink if you want to.

This makes it easy for you to go about your daily routine while you straighten your teeth.

What are Braces?

Braces are also an orthodontic treatment used to straighten the teeth gradually.

There are different types of braces, among which are metallic, ceramics, or aesthetics.

And from word of mouth of some users of Braces, they confirm it hurts initially, especially in the first week.

While on the contrary, some others say it’s not the case when they did theirs.

The GOOD NEWS? Either it hurts or not. They all confirmed it finally changes how they smile. 

Meaning? Your smile becomes perfect as wanted.

And this is the reason most folks do orthodontic treatment.

Braces Vs Invisalign In Nigeria; Which Should I Go For?

Now, both Invisalign and Braces are two orthodontic treatments used for straightening the teeth.

And they are both highly recommended to patients.

But because we want to know what to expect beforehand, therefore I am going to give you a quick run on a few realities to note when considering which to go for.

Now, here are the conditions to have in mind

  1. Level Of Corrections: 

Invisalign (Clear Aligners) are not the best option for complex teeth corrections. They are most suitable for minor corrections, unlike Braces which are more convenient for a range of minor to complex corrections.

  1. Feeding Challenge:

Now, if you are a Nigerian, I am sure you don’t joke with your meals and that’s why before taking on braces or Invisalign in Nigeria, you want to know which to go for.

So on the aspect of feeding, Invisalign can be taken off before eating but braces can not do the same. It’s usually done by the orthodontist on your visits because of its structure.

  1. Dental Hygiene:

As an individual, you must possess a great brushing habit for you to use Clear Aligners. 

The reason? You will need to brush more often each day… such as brushing after eating or drinking before you wear back your Invisalign.

But you don’t have to do the same with Braces.

  1. Thickness or nature of food substances:

Users of Braces are always mindful of what they chew to avoid pain. So they are most likely to avoid hard foods. 

Though it has its advantages because you don’t have to take it off to eat, drink beverages or other coloured drinks. And you don’t need to worry about regular brushing after each meal.

But when you use Clear Aligners, the flexible nature allows you to take it off before eating. Why? To avoid stains and sticky substances on it which may be difficult to brush away.

  1. Regular Orthodontist Visits:

 So, if you go for the Invisalign, there’s a higher chance of going for more visits to your orthodontist than someone with Braces.

  1. Comfort:

Now, this is one condition you can’t ignore. Because those who use Invisalign find it more comfortable because of its flexibility to take off.

Plus, they do not experience pain like those who use braces.

But according to the feedback from those who wear braces, they experience some discomfort inside the mouth during the teeth repositioning.

This is a condition to consider if you can take in a little pain to get the result you want.

Also, speaking of comfortability –  Orthodontists advise that those who wear Clear Aligners should put it on for at least 20-22 hours per day to see the quick effect.

This means – even if it is removable, you still need to use it for almost the whole day, unless on special occasions when feeding or cleaning it up.

These are a few vital conditions to consider before going for either of these two orthodontic treatments in Nigeria or any part of the world.

If you want to learn more, you can read on Invisalign VS Braces, to know which to get.

Can you get Braces or Invisalign done in Nigeria?

Yes. If you are a citizen or visitor in Nigeria and you need Clear Aligners, you can get a suitable one for your teeth here in Nigeria

Presently, we have helped hundreds of individuals with the need for Braces or Invisalign in Nigeria.

And you are sure of getting the best treatment from us at Roperb Dental Clinic.

Cost of Braces or Invisalign in Nigeria, 2022?

The cost of Braces or Invisalign in Nigeria has a price range depending on the health centre.

Governmental health centres offer this at a more subsidized rate.

But the wait to get this done can sometimes be discouraging. So most folks visit other private health centres.

Now, you can learn more about the cost range of Braces or Invisalign in Nigeria, for both government and private health centres.

Where to do Braces or Invisalign in Lagos, Nigeria?

So, if you are in Lagos, Nigeria and you want to get started right away with using Braces Or Invisalign having read this article, then Roperb Dental Clinic is the best choice.

You can go here to book a call or appointment now. And we will reach out immediately on when to come for your appointment.

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