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Teeth Whitening: What You Should Know Before Whitening Your Teeth?

One way people are mindful of how attractive they look is by ensuring their dentition is in check because we all love to showcase clean white teeth when we smile. 

And so, some of us even go the extra mile to get our teeth whitened. 

But on second thought, it is important to know how this works and a few concerns to look into before getting into it. This is what I will share with you in this article, so let’s dive into this.

5 Concerns You Should Know Before Engaging In Teeth Whitening

Sometimes people don’t get the result they want either from whitening their teeth using home base approach or professional dental care.

This is because they have little or no knowledge of what to consider before getting into this.

So, even if bleaching the teeth is a form of cosmetic dentistry. There is still a need to realize your dental health before getting into it.
Now, here are 5 major concerns you should consider before taking on whitening your teeth…

  1. Crowns And Fillings On Your Teeth Won’t Whiten : 

One fact you must know is that the chemicals in your teeth whiteners cannot act on the crowns and fillings on your teeth. So what happens is, that other parts of your teeth may whiten but these will remain the same in their appearance.

  1. Some Teeth Are Better Recipient To whitening Than Others:

Studies have shown that teeth that are brown because of smoking may be difficult to whiten compared to yellow teeth.

So, if you are into smoking, you should not compare the whitening process of your teeth to those with yellow stained teeth.

  1. Treat Gingivitis Or Other Mouth Diseases Before Teeth Whitening

Gingivitis is a disease common to bleeding Gum and so if you are experiencing this, it is advisable to treat it before going for teeth whitening to keep your gum safe from reacting to this chemical.

  1. Pregnancy Concern:

Pregnant women must also be mindful of engaging in teeth whitening while pregnant because of likely mistakes of swallowing tiny drops of the teeth whitening solution.

This may result in harming the fetus or unborn child.

  1. Damage To The Gum Tissue: 

When whitening the teeth, we must put proper consideration and expertise into place to avoid the solution touching the gum. This is because some of these solutions are powerful and can damage the gum.

What Is The Safest Way To Whiten Teeth?

There are so many approaches people take to whitening their teeth. Some others do this using home treatment.

But it is advisable to visit a dentist to help with this especially because of the concentration in the chemicals most people use and some other concerns as mentioned above.

So if you want to get the expert help of a dentist in Lagos, then you can visit Roperb Dental Clinic

They are the best in administering teeth whitening and other dental care for individuals.

And before going into this, you are sure the dentists will check to see that they met all mentioned concerns.

Can Yellow Teeth Become White?

Yes, teeth whitening works for yellow teeth.

But mind you, there are so many reasons behind having yellow teeth and it’s important to know what changes your teeth to yellow so you don’t get worried after bleaching your teeth and it returns immediately to yellow.

This is because some reasons are natural and others because of stains.

So in special cases where it’s natural, there might be slim chances of whitening such a tooth.

Where Can I Get Teeth Whitening Dental Clinic In Lagos, Nigeria?

Are you in Lagos, Nigeria? Then you can get expert and reliable dental care for whitening your teeth at our Surulere or Lekki Branch. 

In addition to teeth whitening, they provide other dental services such as braces or Invisalign treatment, dental implants, and many more.

You can book an appointment here and they will reach out immediately.

One Last Note:

White teeth do not equate to healthy teeth.

This is one medical fact many people need to know.

And when you keep whitening your teeth without considering the right interval, this may lead to tooth sensitivity.

Often, most of my family and friends come to me asking; “Which whitening kit is good to go with?”.

 My answer? Get a certified dentist or dental care clinic to help you with your teeth whitening.

This is because the whitening ingredients from most of these whitening kits sold online may cause damage to your teeth if not done properly. 

And just like some fake creams are harmful to the skin…

In the same way, some of these whitening kits could harm the teeth.

So, it’s important you visit a Certified Dental Clinic in Lagos, Nigeria to help with your teeth whitening.

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